We believe providing a positive experience to improve the lives of our patients is what makes Body Structure a true Healing Center. Please read what our patients are saying. 

I have long been a loyal patient of Dr. George Mariella since 1989. Having scoliosis used to mean having chronic pain, but not with Dr. George as my physician. I would not trust my back or neck to anyone else. The difference between Dr. George and other chiropractors lies in his healing and gifted hands and his intuition and sensitive ability to hear and understand what ails you. He is a true healer and I am grateful for his talent and expertise.


Imagine suffering from chronic lower back pain for six months. Pain that was at best tender, often severe and always present. Imagine having to hold your breath to rise out of bed, or a chair. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night in pain so excruciating that the only remedy was to walk for an hour while the pain subsided. Imagine not being able to lift up your children. 

This was where I’d found myself and I was utterly alone. I’d tried drugs that simply masked the symptoms. I drank a lot of wine which provided me temporary relief-enough to fall asleep but not enough to see me through the night. I became short tempered at home. Several months into my suffering my son asked me, “why are you so grumpy all the time?” His words hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d remained polite at work – you only hurt the ones you love. My co-workers and our customers would not be turned away from my door, pain or no pain.

Finally my boss suggested that I should visit Body Structure. I was not hot on the idea. The thought of anyone pulling and pushing on my spine made me want to vomit. I wanted x-rays first. A doctor told me that x-rays were not an option at this point. I decided that once my back returned to the tender pain stage, I was going to give it a shot. I entered the clinic and was immediately embraced by a sense of serenity. Some music was being piped through the building at such a low volume I couldn’t tell what genre it was or if there were any vocals, but I didn’t care. It was just there, like wind quietly moving its way through the leaves of a tree. The place is well lit but lightly so. Not too bright not too dark. I felt as though I’d entered someone’s home rather than a clinic. There was nothing “clinical” about the place.

When I met Doctor Mariella (Doctor George) I was moved by the tone of his voice. It calmed me down as much as the environment he had created. I was glad to be there. Even if the treatment failed, I felt that I’d still come out ahead. He asked me about my lifestyle. I gave him a brief synopsis of my life. Then he asked me about my pain. As I explained my symptoms I saw that he clearly understood what I was going through. When he asked me if I had lately felt as though someone had kicked me in the balls – the pain had moved into my testicles – I wanted to scream, laugh and cry. I was no longer alone.

I won’t go into the pretzel logic of Doctor George’s profession; it has to be experienced to be understood. I will tell you that the moment he told me to exhale while simultaneously applying the pressure needed to realign my spine, I felt my pain slipping away, quietly and without a fight. It was as though I had awakened from a long nap full of bad dreams. I was utterly dumbfounded and began to speak like my eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter – pure enthusiasm. The calm man that had walked me through this moment was standing before me not as a stranger I’d just met, but as a healer I’d always known. He is a healer in the truest sense. I said to him once, “I’d like to cal you a miracle worker but I won’t.” He responded, “Good, that would be too much responsibility to bear.” Humility is such a wonderful gift. 

Doctor George brought light back into what had become a very dark existence. Chronic pain warps reality and perverts your perception. I know. I’ve been there. Although I’d never lost hope – sometimes hope is all we have and it’s a blessing – I came to believe that I was utterly alone. Doctor George reminded me that we are never alone if we simply reach out to someone, take a chance and say hello. Words cannot adequately describe how grateful I am for Doctor George and Body Structure. How do you thank someone for pulling you out of the abyss? All I can say is thank you. Thank you.


I have been working in a desk and chair at a computer for almost 10 years. My lower back and neck began to ache and I heard about Dr. George from a friend at the gym. After a few adjustments my pain released and my posture improved. Dr. George developed a plan of stretching, lifting, regular exercise, and a few checkups to keep my spine in line. Thank you Dr. G for improving my body structure.


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