Meet Aaron Niemi, LAc

Meet Aaron Niemi, LAc

niemiAaron received his masters in Chinese medicine from Yo San University and acquired his license to practice acupuncture in 2013.  He comes to Chinese medicine with 17 years of massage experience and working with patients in finding their optimal health.  

“My passion for the medicine lies within its multi-faceted approach.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes the path to health is a process and must address the body, mind, spirit and the emotions.  Patient participation is a key element of this process.
I love sharing this medicine with people as it easily becomes part of one’s lifestyle from simple dietary changes to mindfulness in movement and environment.  Before you know it you’re employing simple and effective tools towards vitality.”
At the Yo San University community clinic Aaron treated a wide variety of patients’ symptoms that included back pain, the common cold, digestive disturbances, headaches, insomnia, women’s health, depression, stress and fibromyalgia. Aaron has interned, volunteered and currently supervises interns at Being Alive, a non-profit organization offering health services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
“I invite you to join me in participating in this wonderful medicine.  If you’d like to feel better than you do right now, make an appointment and let’s get started on your path of wellness.”
Yours in health,
Aaron Niemi, L.Ac.

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