Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about Chiropractic and health issues. If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

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Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

During the adjustive technique occasional slight to mild pain might be felt but it should last for just a few seconds if at all.  Occasionally after treatment mild soreness might be felt for 24-48 hours. The soreness could be compared to working out or a deep massage.

Can you cause harm with an adjustment?

It is very rare that injury or harm can occur with chiropractic treatment. But factors such as age, well being , past medical history and injury are all important in determining what type of adustive technique is right for you.

Can you take x-rays?

Yes, we are licensed to take and read x-rays and can refer patients out for MRI’s or CT scans

Do you have an x-ray capability in your office?

Yes, we have a digital x-ray machine which enables you to immediately see your x-rays.

What is the sound or audible that I hear when I have been adjusted?

It is gas, primarily nitrogen that is being released from the surrounding soft tissue or the joint that is being manipulated. It is NOT bone on bone contact.

Why do I need to return for a follow up visit or continue therapy?

To eliminate pain and retrain our bodies, a few to several treatments might be needed. Often the problem or injury we are treating took many days, weeks or months to develop or it was a strong one time injury. Chronic and Acute injuries and every person differ in response to treatment.

Why do I become emotional after treatment?

Often we store emotional history in our bodies and when we have chiropractic adjustments, massage or acupuncture our bodies is in a restorative stage and releases emotional history.

Whey do I sleep better after cervical manipulation?

Manipulation of the cervical spine affects the parasympathetic part of our autonomic nervous system which causes a relaxed calming effect on our bodies. Studies have shown that adjustments to the first cervical vertebrae or Atlas, decreases blood pressure

Do you treat dizziness, headaches and DAMAGE pain?

We as chiropractors and acupuncturists treat the underlying cause of pain. When we do this the above pain decreases.

Why can’t I sleep on my stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach causes a long asymmetrical contraction of your cervical (neck) muscles which can lead to pain and dysfunction. It also causes a breakdown in collagen which leads to aging.

Do you accept my insurance?

If you have chiropractic or acupuncture benefits on your insurance plan we are more then willing to submit the bill to your company.

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